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Pulmonologist Mr. Doris is possessed by a spirit of effective cooperation. This spirit arises from the combination of Military Medicine, its key position in the largest private hospital in our country, "HYGEIA" and his tenure as a specialist "Invasive Pulmonology" in the most important, worldwide, reference center for chest diseases, ThoraxKlinik, Heidelberg, Germany.

Thoracic surgeons, Oncologists, Radiotherapists, Pathologists, Cardiologists, but also Pulmonologists of high morality and medical prestige are the scientific "company" of Dr. Michael Doris.

But our patient is not limited only to diseases of the thoracic cavity, so the collaborations with doctors of all specialties, coming mainly from the above mentioned tanks, make us believe that we have solid answers to all his medical questions..

Our goal is to treat the patients ourselves or to orient them correctly in the way of treatment, even when it goes beyond our field of knowledge, through our collaborations. Both in the private sector - see Health-Mother hospitals, as well as by referring to reliable colleagues in the public sector, we solve the medical puzzles, which are raised by the uncontrolled information and gossip in front of the troubled and often distressed patients.

Mr. Doris with his mentor Heinrich Becker outside of ThoraxKlinik

Ntaouli Ourania

She was born in Athens in 1981 and graduated in 1999 with honors. He studied Medicine at the Democritus University of Thrace, graduating in 2006. She specialized in Pulmonology at the 417 Military Hospital of Athens NIMTS and received the title of specialty in 2016. She specialized in pleural diseases in England and specifically in Medical Thoracoscopy at UCLH Hospital (UniversityCollegeLondonHospital- thoracicsurgerydepartment) and Thoracic Ultrasound at BARTS Hospital (ICUdepartment). Since 2016 she is a collaborator of the team of Invasive Pulmonology and after her return from England in 2018, she was fully dedicated to the work of the team.

Nikas Sotirios

He was born in Athens in 1976 and graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Athens with honors. He studied Medicine at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and graduated in 2000. He specialized in Anesthesiology at the "SISMANOGLIO" Hospital of Athens and received the title of specialty in 2006. He worked for a year at the 412 GENERAL ARMY HOSPITAL of Xanthi and since then he has been working as a private anesthesiologist who works daily in the operating room and supports in shifts the Intensive Care Unit of the "HYGEIA" hospital. Since 2012 he is a collaborator of the Interventional Pulmonology team with extensive experience in respiratory patients.