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Smoking Cessation


It is a fact that the trap in smokers is well established by the tobacco companies. The alleged warning on cigarette packs is an accusation of legality. The state can not cope with the problem, because 
a. Does not explicitly prohibit smoking in closed spaces or at least turns a blind eye on law enforcement
b. Does not overtax the cigarette/tobacco so that prices do not exceed and prevent many people from accessing this to "relieve their pain with smoking". 
So this leaves the responsibility in the hands of the people.

People who dream of having a good and long life should stop smoking cigarette. Think of a group of five smokers in the forty-year-old age category who are eating and drinking and having fun, in a few years one of them will have died from lung cancer. Therefore, it is like a game of Russian rouletteThere are also heart attacks, strokes and other lurking malignancies. Many people will say "never-mind, we will live well into our fifties, and we will train our children how best to smoke." For the latter, we have no solution other than a prayer to the highest.

But for the rest who meet us, we have an understanding of the extent of nicotine dependency, for their concerns, even for their "troubles". We are able with clinical and paraclinical means, to diagnose early conditions and to encourage people to fight against addiction either with sympathy and nicotine substitutes or even with medications.

We are waiting for you dear friends, without prejudice, ready to research your smoking profile and treat you with "the disease called smoking".