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The presence of tumors benign or malignant in the trachea and large bronchi is not rare and can cause significant narrowing and blockage, which could eventually be a life-threatening situation. The main symptoms that a patient experiences are unbearable dyspnea, wheezing or stridor. A situation like this needs immediate intervention by an interventional pulmonologist. The procedure aims to keep the airway open.

This can be achieved by the placement of bronchial or tracheal stents. Stents are small metal or silicon tubes that are placed inside the narrowed airway opens the airways by applying pressure inside the walls of the bronchus.

When an airway blockage occurs this situation is deemed as very urgent. The bronchoscopy, the airway opening and the stent placement are performed under very difficult conditions, as the patient has a compromised respiratory system with low oxygen supply.

Mr Doris having specialised in this field, with a vast experience in cases of this nature, he therefore deals with these emergencies efficiently.